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    Rabobank Eindhoven

    In Eindhoven one of the two office buildings of Rabobank Nederland has been demolished to make space for a new building. In the building that was demolished the restaurant was located so the client needed a temporary solution for 5 years until the new building was ready. Our team was asked to design the temporary restaurant with the goal to also solve the expected shortage of meetingrooms and other facilities needed for activity related working / dynamic working.


    We have designed an interior that proved to be very succesful during the whole day. Around lunch time the restaurant was always full but also before and after lunchtime the design concept proved to be very helpful to introduce this new way of working.


    We have learned that the right communication with the employees and timing is very important. We have learned to ask the right questions at the right moment so that the introduction and implementation of a new design concept is being embraced by everybody involved and the users have the feeling of being understood and heard.


    Design in collaboration with Vijverborgh Horeca Adviseurs & Ontwerpers

    Photography by Annelore Photography