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    pharos pop-up restaurant

    Our team has been selected to design all the communal spaces within a large office building in Hoofddorp which will be completely renovated and expanded. These pictures show the temporary restaurant which we designed as a teaser for the rest of the project which will be delivered in the summer of 2020. It’s a place where people can eat healthy and meet each other.


    Pharos is a lighthouse for healthy working. Key words to explain the concept in a nutshell: Zero waste, Vibrant community, Maximum health and Total energy. By applying innovative circulair solutions and by creating a warm and playfull design in a corporate environment we have succeeded in reaching the goals of our client.


    The restaurant plays a big roll in creating a community full of awareness. We have done extended research on the field of healthy materials without any toxic substances and easy to re-use or recycle. We also have learned a lot from working closely together with the health and well being / feng shui specialist.


    Lamps by Ruwe Bolster

    Photography by Annelore Photography