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    Kempenhaeghe Heeze

    Interior design of the restaurant of a healthcare facility named Kempenhaeghe. This facility for epileptic people and people with sleeping disorders is located in Heeze. In collaboration with Vijverborh Horeca Adviseurs en Ontwerpers we have designed a timeless interior where clients, their families and the staff can all have lunch, informal meetings and organise events.


    Most healthcare facilities usually are very selective with renovations because they don’t have the financial means to update their interiors often. When they renovate they do it well and with the greatest care for the safety of their clients. We have learned that clients with epilepsy and/or sleeping disorders must be protected against too many incentives so we made sure that the interior design was calming.


    Photography by Annelore Photography

    Design in collaboration with Vijverborgh Horeca Adviseurs & Ontwerpers